World Health Organization (WHO) praised Thailand

The World Health Organization (WHO) praised Thailand for its success in preventing post-flood outbreaks of disease after the country’s worst floods on record.

After meeting director of the WHO/SEARO WHO-South East Asia Regional Office Dr Samlee Plianbangchang, Thailand’s Public Health Minister Witthaya Buranasiri disclosed that the discussion focused on the capability of medical and public health teams in preventing waterborne disease outbreaks and success of the 30 baht per hospital visit scheme to help low income patients during the crisis.

The WHO director said since the floods began in July until the situation returned to normal this month, Thailand’s efficient public health system successfully prevented outbreaks.

Although some public health centers and hospitals were also hit by flooding, the country’s public health service continued efficiently to provide drinking water and medicines to flood victims.

The two officials said this information should be communicated to travellers and investors.

Close surveillance, coupled with quick investigation and follow-up operations of the public health ministry, are keys for success and Thailand’s experience in handling this will be shared to other countries in a regional meeting on emergency management, expected to be held in March 2012 in Thailand.

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