World Forum on the Chinese Culture

A world forum on the Chinese culture in the 21st Century kicked off here on Tuesday, aiming to promote co-existence and co-prosperity of the Chinese and other cultures in the world.

Themed “Cultural co-growth: The exchanges and interfacing and development of Chinese and Southeast Asia cultures”, the sixth International Symposium of the World Forum on Chinese Culture in the 21st century is the first of its kind held outside China.

The objectives of the three-day symposium are to facilitate Chinese culture merging into the global scene, to promote interaction between Chinese culture and cultures of Southeast Asia and Singapore in particular, to facilitate the construction of a harmonious world for people of various countries.

Speaking at the opening of the forum, Xu Jialu, president of the Association for Yan Huang Culture of China, said, the world today hears a stronger voice for cultural co-existence and world peace. The Chinese people are willing to share our culture with the world, but we never export our culture by force, nor do we place the Chinese culture above other cultures.

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