World Food Program Assistance in Syria

A senior official with the World Food Program (WFP) said on Tuesday that the agency has provided food assistance to 1.5 million people in Syria in September, a large increase from the originally targeted 50,000 people in December 2011.

Daly Belgasmi, WFP regional director for the Middle East, Central Asia and Eastern Europe, told a press briefing that although WFP has access to everywhere in the conflict-affected country through local partners, the condition of security and access is worsening and “more and more challenging.”

He said the cost for food and commodity is increasing in the whole region and food security situation is worsening.

Belgasmi said the cost and availability of fuel for cooking and heating in Syria might be an issue for winter.

WFP is considering improve the energy of its food basket, which consists of basic food commodities including cereals, oil, sugar, salt, dried and canned pasta, from 2,100 kilocalories per person and day in normal circumstances to 2,400 kilocalories for the winter season, he said.

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