Winners of Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation

The Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation announces two new research fellows for 2012. Joao Monteiro from Portugal and Badi Samaniego from the Philippines are the latest recipients of the ‘Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation Research Fellow’ grant. They join eleven previous grantees from six different countries.

Now in its second decade the Foundation’s research fellowship program sponsors doctoral and post-doctoral researchers from across the globe whose work contributes to a better understanding of the health and resilience of coral reefs. Fellows receive financial support for educational and research expenses as well as participating in the Foundation’s Global Reef Expedition.

The Global Reef Expedition is a five-year multi-national expedition to survey and characterize some of the world’s most remote and little known reefs. Scientific data from the Expedition will assist in identifying sites of high priority for protection and will help to develop conservation strategies that mitigate human impacts and improve reef resiliency.

The Foundation’s Executive Director, CAPT Philip Renaud said, “These new fellows will significantly enhance capabilities of our core Global Reef Expedition science team. They embody our Science Without Borders(R) philosophy and I am confident they will strongly contribute to the fulfillment of our goals and objectives. We’re excited for them and can’t wait to get them underwater with us to help save the reefs!”

New fellow, Joao G. Monteiro, added “I am not just honored with this fellowship award… I have to admit that it also feels like a dream come true – to join this team on board an amazing vessel and to work and dive in some of the most remote reef sites!! But most of all, I am thrilled with this exceptional opportunity – the opportunity to produce relevant science across a broad geographic scale and exchange knowledge and experience with researchers from across the globe. Science without Borders(R) indeed!!”

And, Badi R. Samaniego, also stated “I am very pleased to be a part of the Global Reef Expedition team of the Living Oceans Foundation. This is a great opportunity to do work alongside highly driven researchers. It is an opportunity for me to share what I can, and will surely be a venue for my continuing education on coral reef research and conservation.”

Previous recipients of the ‘Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation Research Fellow’ award:

Sonia Bejarano Chavarro 2010, Colombia

Jeremy Kerr 2010, U.S.A.

Renata Ferrari Legorreta 2009, Mexico

Alex Venn 2007, United Kingdom

Gwilym Rowlands 2007, United Kingdom

Sarah Hamylton 2007, United Kingdom

Aminitia Sene 2004, Senegal

Arfang Diamanka 2004, Senegal

Justin Prosper 2004, Seychelles

Tracey Mincer 2001, U.S.A.

Mary Engels 2001, U.S.A.

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