Why travel to Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is such a modern, well-run city that you won’t need to do much practical pre-trip planning. You could pretty much rock up with a passport, a toothbrush and a credit card and get stuff done. The transport infrastructure is excellent and runs like clockwork, it’s an incredibly safe city, English is widely spoken and the signage is mostly in English too. This is also a city with a strong service ethic, so you name it – buying clothes or toiletries, withdrawing cash, getting internet access, doing your laundry – and it will be done swiftly and with a smile. This leaves you to spend most of your pre-trip efforts on the fun things, such as checking out if any festivals are going on in town, booking ahead for the most popular restaurants, checking the local listings and deciding where to base yourself. Perhaps the only practical thing worth spending a bit of planning time on is your accommodation. Hotels are not cheap and at busy times, such as during exhibition season, rooms can fill up and rates soar. Doing your homework can make a real difference to your wallet and your comfort.

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