Who Won Marquez vs Katsidis

I was watching a live streaming of the fight: Marquez vs Katsidis – and I was surprised that Marquez won since he was knocked out in the early around. Marquez is truly a survivor. He survived against Manny Pacquiao who knocked him down 3 times in their first encounter in 2004 but managed to get an even decision at the end of the 12 round. Marquez lost to Pacquiao in a controversial split decision in their second encounter in 2008.

When Marquez was knocked down by Katsidis, it could have been the latter’s opportunity to overwhelm Marquez with storm of blows. But the rule of the game changed when it was Marquez who was chasing Katsidis and dominated the subsequent rounds. The referee stopped the fight in the 9th round as Katsidis was no longer answering Marquez’s blows.

Marquez has made a call to fight Manny Pacquiao for the third time. Forget Floyd Mayweather. He is expected to spend in jail for the rest of his life. Besides, Mayweather is scared to fight Manny Pacquiao.

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