Where are the donations for Sendong Victims?

The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) on Wednesday said that it received advice that a total of US$ 19,272,349.17 in donations and pledges was received for the victims of tropical storm “Sendong” (international code name “Washi”) as of Jan. 3.

The amount includes those from Filipino communities, Philippine Embassies and Consulates General around the world and private individuals/groups. It excluded donations or pledges without equivalent monetary value, or those given to the United Nations flash appeal.

It is broken down to US$ 8,324,285,22 in cash, US$ 5,354,063.95 in kind and US$ 5,594,000 in pledges.

New donors include the European Union (US$ 3,876,958.81 in kind); Laos (US$ 15,000 in cash), Hong Kong (US$ 257,000 in cash), Taiwan (US$ 12,993 in cash), Germany (US$ 651,193.36 in cash) and Luxembourg (US$ 46,744.61 in cash).

Japan provided additional assistance in the amount of US$ 2 million in cash, while Belgium fulfilled its previous pledge of US$ 130,568.58 in cash and added US$ 391,461.09 in cash to assist the victims.

Other Filipino groups which provided assistance included the Filipino community in Hawaii (US$ 30,000 in cash and US$ 14,000 in pledges); Philippine Embassy in Tel Aviv and the Filipino community in Israel (US$ 807 in cash); the Philippine Embassy in Wellington and the Filipino community in New Zealand (US$ 1,000 in cash), the Philippine Embassy in Washington, D.C. (US$ 1,670 in cash) and the Filipino community in Ottawa (US$ 1,000 in cash).

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