USA Must Help Philippines Against China

The Philippines is determined to resolve its maritime impasse with China at Scarborough Shoal without assistance from the United States, Department of National Defense (DND) Secretary Voltaire Gazmin on Tuesday announced.

“If they will help us, they could do it voluntarily, but we will not be asking any help from them on this matter,” Gazmin said when asked whether the Philippines is considering asking for help in monitoring the Chinese activity in the disputed waters which lies 124 nautical miles away from Zambales.

He added that it is undignified for the Philippines to go scampering to its allies whenever it got into a scrap with its neighbors.

“We should not be relying on anyone, we should stand on our own and right now we are in the process of trying to diplomatically settle the issue,” Gazmin stressed.

The DND chief added that if the Americans will help the country in its plight, the US will do so if they see their interest being affected.

Gazmin also said that for the moment, the maritime impasse between the country and China seems to have negligible effect on the economy, adding that large ships are still able to pass through the area on their way to the Subic Bay Freeport.

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