US Veterans not Receiving Proper Benefits

Nassau County Legislator and Public Safety Committee Chair Dennis Dunne, along with Nassau County Director of Veterans Services Michael Kilbride and other elected officials, spoke outside the County Legislature building in Mineola to address the issue of veterans not receiving proper benefits after filing the requisite paperwork – most from 2008 to 2010, with a few from 2005 – with the Nassau Veterans Services Agency.

Dunne said that hundreds of claims have been filed involving veterans who never received benefits or services but took all the necessary steps to obtain them. He also said that he requested a federal investigation to uncover any possible wrongdoing at the agency during the above noted time period.

“If any veteran has an application with the Nassau County Veterans Services Association since 2005 and they haven’t heard anything, they may still be eligible because there are so many [applications] that haven’t been [processed],” said Dunne.

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