US drone aircraft Tuesday fired missiles

US drone aircraft Tuesday fired missiles into Pakistan’s North Waziristan tribal region and killed at least four people, security officials in region said.
The strike took place in Spalga village, 15 kilometres south of Miramshah, the main town of the North Waziristan tribal district, near the Afghan border.
North Waziristan is the stronghold of Taliban militants and CIA says al-Qaeda members are also hiding in the region. Besides several groups of Pakistani Taliban, Haqqani network, being run by Sirajuddin Haqqani, son for former Taliban minister Jalaluddin Haqqani, is active in the region, the Afghan and American officials believe.
They are accused of also sending fighters to Afghanistan for attacks on US and NATO forces.
Data shows that it is the 106 US drone strike this year which killed nearly 900 people.
American media reports that the U.S. is considering expansion of drone strike beyond the Pakistani tribal regions.

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