Ultimate solution to reverse climate changency

An inventor from Pozorrubio, Pangasinan has called on the government to give him a chance to prove and showcase his technology which, he said, is the ultimate solution to reverse climate change now besetting the country and the rest of the world.

Jaime Imbat, president of chief executive officer of the JPI Fuel Enterprises (JPI) based in Barangay Cablong, Pozorrubio, said his company is the inventor, proponent and developer of an alternate fuel, which is the cleaner option to the dirtier coal that is causing massive pollution in the whole world.

Imbat stressed this when he wrote Commissioner Mary Ann Lucille Sering of the Climate Change Commission on Oct. 11, 2011, pointing out that this is the better option to the pollution-causing coal fuel as the JPI fuel emits neutral carbon oxide when burned and utilized for fuel.

Imbat explained that his technology is a biomass-based hence it is a renewable form of energy with an everlasting supply that could energize all of the world’s industries powered by coal.

Noting that some power plants in the country are using coal which is imported, Imbat said raw materials for his technology is all organic wastes whose volume around the world is estimated to reach 120 billion metric tons yearly which just stay rotten.

He pointed out that in the Philippines, the product could be produced to any size that will fit all existing power plant facilities with no re-engineering required.

Imbat, who worked in one of the mines in Benguet in his younger years, said the real and only solution to reverse the impact of climate change is to abolish fuel coal that emits 9 billion metric tons of CO2 that causes climate change and now ruining the planet earth.

He said biomass emits neutral CO2 that can reach 3,600 degrees centigrade, more than enough to pulverize any solid materials.

To prove its work viability, this is now being used to pulverize limestone (quick and slake lime) at the JPI Fuel Enterprise Kiln and Lime Division in Dasol, Pangasinan.

Imbat revealed his company is now in the process of negotiation with the Banaue (Ifugao) government to construct one megawatt thermal power that can supply the power needs of Banaue and three other adjacent municipalities.

Set to be finished within six months, the project costs P20 million with a return on investment (ROI) to come after six months.

Stressing the advantage of his technology, Imbat said biomass was observed to have a retention heat ability for 12 hours as compared to only 10 seconds from heat generated by bunker oil and coal.

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