Turkey to Follow Syria

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said Tuesday that an important period began after the United Nations and Arab League’s joint special envoy Kofi Annan briefed the UN Security Council on Syria.

Davutoglu made the remarks at a joint press conference with his visiting Portuguese counterpart Paulo Portas in the Turkish capital of Ankara, saying that what was important at this critical stage was not empty words but steps that have turned into actions.

On whether a Russian warship “Smetliviy” asked for Turkey’s permission before entering the Istanbul and Canakkale straits, Davutoglu said that all ships passing through Turkish straits were subject to the rules of the Montreux Convention.

Ships pass through the Turkish straits based on international laws and the Montreux Convention, Davutoglu said, adding that at this critical stage, it is important for all countries to be careful about the developments in Syria.

As a neighbor of Syria and part of the international community, Turkey will do whatever is necessary to end the pain of the Syrian people and the bloodshed taking place there, Davutoglu noted.

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