Turkey Can Be Affected by Japan Nuclear Radiation

The possibility that Turkey might be hit by Japan nuclear radiation is very high after Chinese radiation monitoring team has detected the presence of radioactive materials in the air which obviously come from Japan.

With the nuclear radiation leak in Japan getting more serious and thousands of people living near the Fukushima nuclear power plant evacuated, it is very likely that nuclear radiation cloud may drift and reach Turkey in Europe. Other European countries can also be affected by the nuclear radiation leak.

Here’s the latest news on the nuclear radiation crisis in Japan:

Authorities in northeast China have detected extremely low levels of radioactive iodine in the air which they say is from the stricken nuclear power plant in Japan, state media and officials said.

The environment ministry said Saturday that monitoring stations in Heilongjiang province had found “infinitesimal” traces of radioactive iodine-131, but the public did not need to take “protective measures”.

China’s National Nuclear Emergency Coordination Committee said the radioactive iodine had been emitted by the nuclear power facility in Fukushima, which was crippled by a massive quake and ensuing tsunami two weeks ago.

But the committee said “public health and the environment remain unaffected by radioactivity” released by the plant, the official Xinhua news agency reported.

On Friday, China banned imports of several food products from Japan and stepped up checks on a host of other goods amid fears of contamination.
The ban was announced after the country’s safety watchdog reported finding elevated radiation levels on two Japanese travellers after they arrived in eastern China from Tokyo.

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