Travel to Hawaii – Enjoy a Mule Ride at Kalaupapa, Hawaii

Riding a Mule to Kalaupapa (Molo-kai): If you have only a day to spend on Molokai, spend it on a mule. The trek from “topside” Molokai to Kalaupapa National Historical Park (Father Damien’s world-famous leper colony) with Molokai Mule Ride
(& 800/567-7550; is a once-in-a-lifetime adven-ture. The cliffs are taller than 300-story skyscrapers, but Buzzy Sproat’s surefooted mules go up and down the narrow 3-mile trail daily, rain or shine, and he’s never lost a rider or a mount on the 26 switchbacks. Even if you can’t afford to mule or helicopter in, don’t pass up the opportunity to see this hauntingly beautiful penin-sula. If you’re in good shape and brought hiking boots with you, you can get a permit (available at the trail head) and hike down the trail. The views are breathtaking: You’ll see the world’s highest sea cliffs and water-falls plunging thousands of feet into the ocean.

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