Traditional Filipino Games

Treasuring the Filipino tradition, particularly the street games or ‘Larong Pinoy’ in Tagalog, is being pushed by the Aquino Administration through the Department of Education DepEd.At the Lussoc National High School in this town, the DepEd has revived Larong Pinoy like piko, sipa, tumbang preso, taguan, siatong, luksong tinik and others. Aside from being physical that uses strength, these games give life to Filipino tradition.

On September 29, 2008, the Department of Education issued a Circular Memorandum authorizing Magna Kultural Foundation to implement the Larong Pinoy Sports Clinic in public schools and communities to revive the games back in the mainstream Philippine society. Larong Pinoy, the Filipino Traditional Street Games, is a cultural treasure cherished by generations of Filipinos.Filipino street games teach children the value of sportsmanship which when strongly imbedded in them will help them grow into mature, responsible individuals, Dr. Marino S Baytec, the Ilocos Sur Dep Ed division superintendent, said.Moreover, games are an important part in the learning process of the child.

The educational influences of games are on the physical, mental, and moral vitality of a child, Baytec said.Kids make the rules and abide by the rules, or play by "honor system." Some games impose punishment to the losers like doing errands, losing a turn; while in other games you win prizes. But win or lose, chidlren get enjoyment when they play these games, he explained.These games are mostly played before, during and after school as well as during Physical Education class. Some of them are played during Fiestas or and when there’s a Lamay wake for the dead.

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