Trading With Real Money – Signal Trader’s Live Trading Rooms

Signal Trader’s auto-execution mirroring system allows clients to automate their trading across a range of financial instruments, by duplicating the trades of proprietary traders, whose accounts are displayed in Signal Trader’s live trading rooms.

The auto-execution system enables clients to execute orders in their brokerage accounts automatically, based on signals generated by the prop traders and also allows users to select multiple trading room signals to execute in one brokerage account.

The system also allows clients to control their desired risk exposure and define trading parameters, including trade size, as well as monitoring trades, positions and profit and loss, all in real time.

“By working with, we are allowing our clients to diversify their portfolios, so they can trade not only on Forex, but also on Indices and Commodities, using our cutting-edge trading solution,” John Miller, product manager at said.

All of the accounts displayed in Signal Trader’s live trading rooms are the real accounts of prop traders, trading with real money and as trades are executed they are displayed in real time. also provides clients with signal alerts based on the trading activity of prop traders, via email or on the charts displayed on each live trading room.

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