Tourists Trapped in Ob Bay

A Yamal rescue helicopter has picked up travellers who found themselves stranded on a breakaway ice-floe in the Ob Bay.

The press service of the Russian Ministry for Emergencies center for the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Area reports the rescued have been airlifted to Salekhard and do not need medical aid.

Yekaterinburg residents were travelling on skis in Se-Yaha Village of the Yamal District when an ice-floe broke away in the Ob Bay where the icebreaker Vaigach transited shortly before that time.

On April 3, one of ice-floes with the skiers on it suddenly broke away from the shore.

Eyewitnesses alerted rescuers about the happening. Rescuers say there were four skiing people on the itinerary, not five as was reported earlier.

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