Tokyo Water Contaminated with Nuclear Radiation

The problem in Japan shows no sign of letting up. The latest development is that water supply in Tokyo has been found to have contaminated of nuclear radiation. If you’re living in Tokyo, please be sure that you are drinking only purified water. Here’s the report from the BBC.

International nuclear experts at the IAEA say that, although radioactive iodine has a short half-life of about eight days, there is a short-term risk to human health if it is ingested, and it can cause damage to the thyroid.

The IAEA had earlier reported on its website that food products from Fukushima prefecture had been banned from sale by the Japanese authorities, but later said a ban was only being considered.

Traces of radioactive iodine have also been found in tapwater in Tokyo and five other prefectures, officials said on Saturday.

The traces are within government safety limits, but usual tests show no iodine, the AP news agency reported.

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