Tokyo Blackout – Power Outage During Summer

Tokyo Electric Power Co. <9501> has no choice but to carry out power outages this summer as well, Takashi Fujimoto, executive vice president of the company, said Tuesday.    There may be power supply shortages of some 10 million kilowatts this summer, Fujimoto said at a news conference.

Outages may become larger in scale this summer because the current ones are designed to cope with potential supply shortages of around 5 million kilowatts, sources familiar with the matter said.   The company plans to end the current campaign after the end of the holiday period between late April and early May after boosting its supply capacity to some 42 million kilowatts by late April from 35 million kilowatts at present.   Power demand usually grows to around 60 million kilowatts in the summer. Fujimoto said the company plans to secure 50 million kilowatts or more in supply going into this summer.

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