The situation in Haiti

The situation in Haiti has turned “volatile” following the announcement of electoral results amid rising tensions, UN Secretary-general Ban Ki-moon told the General Assembly here on Monday, stressing that the country, which is already facing a multitude of issues, needs continued support from the world body.
“Indeed, following the announcement of the results this past Tuesday, the situation has turned volatile,” Ban said in his briefing at a plenary meeting of the General Assembly. “We are working with the Haitian political class and the international community to find a peaceful solution to the current impasse.”
In his remarks, Ban stressed that he urged all candidates to exhaust formal avenues for complaints about electoral fraud. Monday marks the opening of a three-day window for candidates to formally submit complaints in the disputed elections, which took place on Nov. 28.
The political turmoil has hurt people affected by the recent cholera outbreak, which at times prevented people from reaching clinics and hospitals, as well as kept workers from reaching people in need, Ban said.
“We must reassure the population that through early treatment and some clear and simple steps, the disease can be managed,” the secretary-general said. “It is critical to get this message, far and wide.”

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