Thai Workers/Nationals Evacuated from Libya

The second group of more than 400 Thai workers arrived home early Sunday from violence-plagued Libya, most of them saying they would return and work in that country again after peace has been restored because of better pay.

A total of 449 Thai workers of a construction firm hired to build an airport near Libyan capital of Tripoli arrived at Suvarnabhumi Airport at 5.45 a.m. aboard a chartered flight with smiles on their faces as they returned home safely from the riot-plagued country. Their employer had flown them from Libya to Malta and they then switched to the chartered flight for Bangkok.

Sumet Mahosot, deputy director-general of the Employment Department, who welcomed the evacuees at Suvarnabhumi Airport, told journalists that nearly 20,000 Thai workers still stranded in Libya and the Labour and the Foreign Affairs ministries would send a large ship to bring home about 4,000 of them on Monday.

The immediate problem facing the stranded Thai workers is that they could not obtain a visa to leave Libya, said Mr Sumet, adding that the workers have been asked to take care of themselves as first priority and Thai authorities would contact their employers in that country once peace was restored to send back workers to continue working there without paying additional expenses.

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