Ten Timber Industry in Russia

Ten timber industry projects with the total investments of 25 billion rubles will be fulfilled this year, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said at the Tuesday timber industry conference in Syktyvkar, the Republic of Komi.

“Twelve large projects with the total investments of 34 billion rubles have been done, and more than 4,000 jobs have been created. Another nine regions worth of 35 billion rubles will be fulfilled in 2010, with over 3,500 new jobs,” he said.

“That is not bad. Businessmen’s interest in the timber industry is growing,” Putin noted.

“All the interested investors must have an access to forests, that is a task of the government,” he said. “If a project meets the criteria, businessmen should have no lease problems or others.”

“The government will pay attention to the quality of forestry projects. There will be no unification, as various regions have various conditions. However, rational forestry management, environmental awareness and appropriate conservation and replacement works must be ensured in every project,” Putin said. (PNA/Itar-Tass)

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