Task Force Davao

Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio confirmed on Monday the imminent change of leadership in the Task Force (TF) Davao but declined to name the reliever of Colonel Ray Leonardo Guerrero prior to the change of command as per advise of higher authorities.

She told reporters that the turnover of leadership was initially set on November 7 but this did not pursue.

Duterte-Carpio is confident that Colonel Guerrero already briefed his replacement on the security arrangement in the city, particularly the coordination between the TF Davao and the Davao City Police Office (DCPO).

“It is just a matter of endorsing what he is doing to the new commanding officer,” she said.

Duterte-Carpio said all key personnel of the TF Davao will remain despite Guerrero’s transfer of assignment to bigger responsibilities.

She ascertained that the new TF Davao chief will be oriented on the activities of the city particularly the collaboration of the city government, police and the military on the security operations in the city.

Duterte-Carpio said there is only one candidate to the post as TF Davao commander.

“Seemingly, the appointment papers have been given already but there is no movement yet on the turnover of command,” she said.

Duterte-Carpio said the military has its own selection process in designating officers assuming new posts.

She said the local government unit can only intervene or complain on military officer-candidates if they show undesirable behavior.

“Otherwise, we respect the selection process of the military,” Duterte-Carpio said.

The TF Davao, a military unit, was created in 2003 with the explicit function to prevent terrorist attacks similar to the bombings in Davao City in March and April 2003 that killed 38 people and injured several others.

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