Tap Water in Tokyo, Japan Contaminated with Nuclear Radiation

Water delivery services in Japan are inundated, as consumers scramble to secure water uncontaminated by radiation from the quake-crippled nuclear power plant in the northeastern prefecture of Fukushima.

At Aqua Clara Inc., a leading water delivery service firm based in Tokyo, the number of new contracts briefly reached 7,000 a day late this month, ballooning from some 300 normally.

The timing coincided with the discovery that tap water in Tokyo and other areas contained radioactive iodine levels deemed unsafe for infants, amid a growing scare over radioactive material releases from the Tokyo Electric Power Co. <9501> plant damaged by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami.

Aqua Clara installs water coolers in offices and homes. Users currently must wait between two weeks and a month before getting water delivered because of the shortage of containers following the disaster.

However, the company is still receiving over 2,000 orders per day, mainly from the Tokyo metropolitan area.

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