SWS Survey Is Questionable – Filipinos Want Dictator Marcos a Hero?

Please, tell me this is not true. I can’t believe this. Filipinos want former dictator Ferdinand Marcos a hero? Where is the sense of history of today’s Filipino generation. Here’s the news from Agence France Presse.

Half of the population in the Philippines want to give late dictator Ferdinand Marcos a belated hero’s burial, according to survey released Wednesday.

Fifty percent of respondents said Marcos was “worthy to be buried in the heroes’ cemetery“, according to the respected Social Weather Stations research group, which undertook the nationwide survey.

However 49 percent said Marcos was unworthy of such honours while one percent did not answer, the research group said.

The survey of 1,200 adults, conducted this month, came amid growing pressure by the Marcos family and its allies to have the late president interred in a Manila cemetery normally reserved for military veterans and respected leaders.

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