Survivors from Typhoon Pedring in the Philippines

As Typhoon “Pedring” battered this province on Tuesday, several stilt houses in “Dayatan” area in Barangay San Agustin here have sustained strong winds as the local residents practiced the attitude of being extra prepared in times of calamities and disasters.

“When we heard over the radio about Pedring, we immediately tied the roof of our house in order not to be blown up by strong winds,” Marites Meneses, a resident here said.

Meneses said they are always ready as their houses are stilt or made up of light materials.

“One of the traits of the residents here is always being ready in times of calamities. That’s why we remain strong even when we are being hit by typhoon,” she said.

Candabenos consider every typhoon as a source of life.

In this way and belief, they have learned to adapt and live with the situation.

In fact, they see opportunities every time a typhoon visits the province to the extent of having their communities submerged to floodwater.

They started preparing their fishing gears, boats, flashlights, and foods for fishing expedition as it is expected that they would get more fish catch.

Thousands of residents in this barangay were not alarmed by the heavy downpour spawned by Pedring as they considered this season as an ordinary situation.

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