Supercat Emits Black Smoke, Returns to Cebu Pier

M/V SuperCat 26 was forced to docked at port because it emitted black smoke feared to develop into ablaze last Friday minutes before it sailed on for Tagbilaran City from Cebu port, sending passengers and tourists into disarray. But no one was injured, said the report received by this writer.

The vessel crew decided to go back to Cebu’s pier 4 for safety after they and passengers noticed a smoke purportedly emitted from vessel’s engines, said a message received by this writer. The passengers were adviced to take other fastcraft, Weesam Express, the report added.

The cause of the burning was the fastcraft’s sucking up rubbish into its cooling system that caused its engines to malfunctioned, according to sources of the FREEMAN in Cebu City.

This writer tried but failed to inquire clarification from the fastcraft’s office here over the incident.

Provincial Board Member Godofreda O. Tirol, chairperson of tourism committee said in a text message yesterday that the incident needs an investigation. She said that the incident is also an environmental issue based on Clean Air Act.

It will be recalled about two months back three died, including its crew, because of the burning of the M/V Island Fastcraft I when cruising between Cebu and Tubigon town where it departed.

The officials, especially in the tourism sector here, are said to be waiting for the findings of the investigation on the burnt vessel as well as those of Ocean Jet’s alleged poor and insensitive services to its clientele. But none yet came out of it.

The provincial board recently has pitched support to the Provincial Tourism Council (PTC) call for government agencies concerned to improve the worsening services of fastcrafts plying the said route.

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