Sulu army in Sabah

Malaysian security forces have expressed confidence of resolving the armed intrusion by the so-called Sulu army in Sabah following the offensive launched in Kampung Tanduo, near Lahad Datu, Tuesday.

Even as the offensive was going on, Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar told a news conference in Lahad Datu that the police and army had achieved their objective in the operation code-named "Ops Sulu".

At the news conference at 11 am, along with Chief of Defense Forces Gen Tan Sri Zulkifeli Mohd Zin, Ismail confirmed that the security forces launched an offensive against the intruders whom he referred to as terrorists.

He said there was no civilian presence in the area of operation when the offensive was launched with fighter aircraft at 7 am.

Ismail said none of the security forces’ personnel were injured and the casualties suffered by the enemy had yet to be ascertained.

Ismail said the security forces faced resistance from the intruders, who fired at the policemen and soldiers.

Earlier today, a Bernama reporter staying in Felda Sahabat 16, about 20km from Kampung Tanduo, heard several explosions which rocked the village.

Several fighter aircraft and helicopters were seen flying low over the area and the public was ordered to keep away from the area of operation, he reported.

Ismail said the security forces had deployed commandos, soldiers and General Operations Force policemen to undertake a mopping-up exercise and search several houses in the area.

He advised all quarters to refrain from making any speculation on the operation, particularly in terms of casualties.

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