Stop Dumaguete Reclamation Project

Community Environment and Natural Resources Officer (CENRO II) Mario Aragon has recommended to the members of the city council of Dumaguete to stop the construction of the reclamation project in Barangay Calindagan.

The reclamation project is located beside the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Office (BFAR) along the beach of Calindagan.

Aragon said the project is illegal because it has no permit and other pertinent documents needed for the construction of a reclamation project.

He explained a reclamation project requires an Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) and a permit from the Philippine Reclamation Authority.

A barangay resolution should also be submitted to the city council and the City Planning and Development Office for review and approval.

Aragon said these steps in applying for a permit for reclamation should be followed because it is needed to ensure that no one is displaced and environmental concerns are followed.

Also, fishermen who own motorized boats in the area should also be considered and provided with relocation site as parking area these vessels.

A representative of the City Engineer’s Office also clarified that the Calindagan Barangay Council submitted the proposed reclamation project but was disapproved because of discrepancies and irregularities.

The city council has invited Calindagan barangay chairman Antonio Cariño to explain the project during the regular session of the City Council Thursday.

According to the village chief, the barangay council approved the reclamation project because it will protect the residents along the beach from big waves.

Councilor Antonio Remollo said although the project has a good intention, it should carefully follow the prescribed requirements under the law since nobody is above the law.

Councilor Allan Cordova clarified the city government will help Calindagan find legal ways and means to solve the problem. (PNA) LDV/jfp/MA

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