South Korea Prepares Long-range Missiles

South Korea has put into service a new long-range cruise missile, capable of striking missile sites or nuclear installations in any part of neighboring North Korea, local news agency Yonhap said on Thursday quoting a general in the South Korean defense ministry.

The new domestically-produced missile “has a radius of action of over 1,000 kilometers” and can carry out a strike on any object in the DPRK, Major General Shin Won-sik said.

“Maintaining military readiness with long-range missiles, our military will be able to decisively reply to any provocation from North Korea,” he said.

The South Korean military did not name the new weapon, but Seoul has been developing the 1,500-km range Hyunmu-3C class of cruise missiles since 2010. Seoul also has in its armory the 500-km range Hyunmu 3A and 1,000-km range Hyunmu-3B.

Seoul also has tactical missiles with a range of 300 km in service, Shin said.

The announcement by Seoul comes at a time of increased tension with the North, following a failed rocket launch there on April 13 and apparent preparations for a third nuclear weapon test.

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