Solving Drug Problem in Southeast Asia

The leaders of the 10-member ASEAN adopted a declaration at the 20th ASEAN Summit here on Wednesday, aimed at wiping out illicit drug production, processing, trafficking and use in the ASEAN region by 2015.

To realize a drug-free ASEAN Community, ASEAN leaders said they will intensify concerted efforts to realize the vision and goal of a drug-free ASEAN Community by 2015, and as a high-priority agenda of ASEAN, the leaders will task relevant ministers to speed up the implementation of the ASEAN Work Plan on Combating Illicit Drug Production, Trafficking and Use 2009-2015 and the Roadmap for an ASEAN Community (2009-2015) on drug-free ASEAN by 2015.

The declaration said they will also deepen their cooperation and coordination measures with ASEAN’s dialogue partners and external parties to eradicate illicit drugs in the region by 2015.

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