Solar Heating: Best Renewable Energy Source

Solar Heating: Best Renewable Energy Source

The head of pioneering eco insurance provider, Naturesave, Matthew Criddle, says councils could do more to help save the Planet, by kick starting the adoption of renewable energy sources, like solar heating, in domestic environments.

“We need to get on with this,” says Matthew. “Once one house in a street has installed Solar PV, a neighbour will follow suit and so on… the planet will benefit!’

“Local authorities should share experiences of planning permissions, to kickstart the take-up of renewable energy sources in domestic environments.”

“Planning offices need more training to implement environmental legislation.
Local authorities need to exchange experiences of planning permission granted by other local authorities to gain confidence in their ability to ‘fast track’ future applications.”

Matthews comments come as Naturesave launches its pioneering domestic renewable household energy insurance policy.

Now, for the first time, eco conscious householders will be able to insure their wind turbines or solar panels as part of their standard household insurance, without having to seek separate cover.

The only cover of its kind in the UK, the Naturesave Household Renewable Energy insurance policy is designed to ensure that environmentally aware households, who have installed their own ‘green energy’ systems, have cover for the system equipment and guaranteed protection for the revenues they earn from generating renewable energy at their home.

The policy has been developed in response to rising demand for home energy systems, due to concerns about the environment and rising fuel prices.

The Naturesave Household Renewable Energy insurance policy includes cover for material damage, public liability, mechanical breakdown and loss of revenue and is designed to meet the huge growth in households installing their own renewable energy systems following the recent introduction of the Feed-in Tariffs (FITs) for renewable Energy.

Renewable energy technology is becoming more efficient and affordable, and home owners are now seeing the benefits of renewable energy in terms of generating income and making cost savings as well as reducing their environmental impact.

Solar Heating: Best Renewable Energy Source

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