Simple Deed of Donation – Civil Law Bar Review

Lucio executed a simple deed of donation of P50 million on time deposit with a bank in favor of A, B, C, D, and E, without indicating the share of each donee.
All the donees accepted the donation in writing. A, one of the donees, died. Will
B, C, D, and E get A’s share in the money?
A. Yes, accretion will automatically apply to the joint-donees in equal shares.
B. Yes, since the donor’s intention is to give the whole of P50 million to the joint-donees in equal shares.
C. No, A’s share will revert to the donor because accretion applies only if the
joint-donees are spouses.
D. No, A’s share goes to his heirs since the donation did not provide for reversion
to donor.

Bar exam review Philippines – answer to civil law bar exam is letter D. You may check the 2012 bar exam results.

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