Siemens Supports Anti-corruption Projects

German firm Siemens AG has announced the first list of anti-corruption projects around the world that will receive financing under its US$ 100 million integrity initiative to promote clean markets.
The initiative is part of an agreement signed by the World Bank and Siemens last year.
An initial amount of $ 40 million will be distributed to more than 30 initiatives in over 20 countries that have been chosen.
About 300 non-profit organizations in 66 countries had applied for funding in the first round.
The selected projects are in Angola, Brazil, China, Egypt, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, Nigeria, the Philippines, Russia, the Slovak Republic, South Africa, the Czech Republic, the US, various Middle Eastern nations, and Viet Nam.
Leonard McCarthy, integrity vice president of the World Bank Group, said: “corruption steals from the poor, and it can only be tackled on a joint basis. The projects of the Siemens Integrity Initiative will help strengthen the will to combat corruption world-wide and improve conditions for everyone.”

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