Sick People of Sulat, Eastern Samar

The sick people of Barangay Kandalakit in the municipality of Sulat, Eastern Samar used to get medical attention only at the residence of the Barangay Chairman. Medical assistance and medicines are given right there because there was nowhere to keep the medical kits and other paraphernalia.

The worst was that there was no comfortable place for the patients. They cannot be brought immediately to the town proper because the barangay people had to traverse an hour walk through mountains and another long way through a risky winding creek for over another hour before they could reach the town proper.

This was emotionally narrated by barangay captain Estela Espesin. She said that Kandalakit is one of the most remote barangay in the Municipality of Sulat where development projects and government assistance rarely happen. Because of its isolation, material handling and transportation is so difficult.

A new ray of hope was felt by the barangay folks when the KALAHI CIDSS project was introduced in the barangay. The barangay was one of those whose community projects were prioritized during the Municipal Inter-Barangay Forum.

Barangay Kandalakit was able to obtain a financial grant in the amount of P228,943.00 from KALAHI CIDSS for a barangay health center and a river ambulance. The total project cost is P284,743.00.

The barangay residents all echo the sentiment of their barangay captain that not even in their wildest dreams did they expect the construction of a barangay health center and the acquisition of a river ambulance.

Now, they not only have a clean and concrete health center to give first aid to the sick residents, they also have a river ambulance, the only transportation they have to be able to bring their patients to town.

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