Setting up technology resource centers

The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) Regional Office 6 is setting up technology resource centers in four provinces in Western Visayas that would serve as a one-stop shop for research and development.

DOST Regional Director Owen Gelonga said that these techno resource centers will be in Northern Negros State College of Science and Techonology (NONECOST) in Sagay City, Negros Occidental with P1.3 million initial funding; Capiz State University (CAPSU) in Capiz province with P500,000 initial funding; Aklan State University in Aklan province with P630,000 initial funding and University of Antique in Sibalom, Antique which has already provided funding last year.

Gelonga said that the techno resource center at NONECOST will showcase the marine technology because Cadiz is a rich fishing ground that research and development materials on marine industry will be made available for researches, local government units and small and medium entrepreneurs there.

The techno resource center in CAPSU will have the multifaceted Rand D on seafood and marine industry with Capiz as the seafood capital of the Philippines. Consultancy will also be provided in this center.

The techno resource center in ASU will be a central repository for the pina fiber with Aklan as the pina fiber capital of the country. There will also be research materials made available on abaca fiber.

The University of Antique techno resource center will feature the muscovado as the priority commodity of the province. There will also be facilities that will upgrade the muscovado industry made available in the center.

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