Seminar on Biodiversity in Hanoi

A master plan is expected to increase efficiency in the currently weak management of biodiversity, a national seminar on biodiversity in Hanoi heard yesterday.

The first draft of the blueprint will be completed by the end of the year, said Associate Professor Pham Binh Quyen, director of the Sustainable Environment Development Institute, speaking on the sidelines of the National Environment Conference.

“The master plan would be a key tool in managing biodiversity. There’s no way for the management of biodiversity in Vietnam to prove adequate without it,” he said.

The biodiversity preservation master plan would include the management and protection of natural eco-system, a map of future protected areas, the management of protected areas and people living in these areas.

The blueprint, drafted by the Biodiversity Preservation Department and Nature Protection Association, is expected to address the unclear and overlapping responsibilities held by different Government authorities, including the ministries of Agriculture and Development, and of Natural Resources and the Environment.

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