Selexis SA Founded by Prof. Nicolas Mermod and Dr. Igor Fisch

Selexis SA, a Swiss-based biotechnology company with technologies for the rapid development and engineering of high yield and stable mammalian cell lines for therapeutic protein manufacturing of recombinant drugs celebrated its 10-Year Anniversary today.

A spin-off from the University of Lausanne, Selexis SA was co-founded by Prof. Nicolas Mermod and Dr. Igor Fisch. Selexis’ focus was to develop technologies which allowed mammalian cell lines to stably express high levels of recombinant proteins. Based on years of discovery, the Company’s proprietary and patented technology, Selexis Genetic Elements™ (SGEs), control the dynamic organization and expression of transgenes in the chromatin. The SGEs function by insulating nearby genes from the silencing effects of surrounding chromatin. When applied to cell line generation, this results in increased copy number-dependent and position-independent expression of transgenes.

Cell lines created with SGEs express recombinant proteins at levels higher than those obtained with cell lines generated using traditional methods and exhibit higher stability when cell lines are cultured in absence of any drugs for long-term periods.

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