Security Situation in Somalia

The security situation in Somalia is one of the top issues on the agenda of the African leaders when they convene here for the 20th African Union (AU) summit starting on Sunday.

Augustine Mahiga, the top UN envoy in Somalia, told Xinhua in an interview here on Saturday on the sidelines of the AU summit that Somalia is now stabilizing, providing new hope to its people who have suffered decades of war.

He believes the election of a new government headed by Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has put Somalia on a new international status which can allow Somalia to claim full membership not only in international organizations, but also in regional bodies, as well as financial institutions.

“Coming in of a new government has ended the stalemate in the crisis in Somalia which was the longest in Sub-Saharan Africa,” he said.

“This is the first time that a government has been elected through a democratic process that has also brought in a Constitution. Somalia has never had a Constitution for over 40 years when its independence Constitution was abolished by the military regime in 1969,” he added.

He aired the view that with these new changes backed by military successes at the battle front by the AU peace keeping troops and the Somali army against Al-Qaida-linked Al-Shabaab, more countries will help the Horn of African country to get back on its feet.

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