Japan Nuclear Radiation Can Travel and Hit Chicago, Illinois, United States

There are some people who may not be so aware of the impact of the nuclear radiation leak in Japan. But the truth is the nuclear radiation can travel and hit Chicago, Illinois in the USA. As you know it, nuclear radioactive materials can travel by air or water. If that is the case, Chicago, […]

Los Angeles (LA), California May Be Reached by Japan Nuclear Radiation

The nuclear radiation leak crisis in Japan continues to pose threat to the United States as nuclear radioactive substances can reach and hit Los Angeles, California, depending on the direction of the wind. As of today, the nuclear radioactive materials relentlessly release to the air as the nuclear power plants in Japan damaged by earthquake […]

Japan Nuclear Radiation May Reach Hawaii, Guam, in the USA

Hawaii and Guam in the United States (USA) may be hit by nuclear radiation contamination coming from Japan as the world’s worst nuclear radiation crisis in Japan remains in a very serious situation. Nuclear radioactive materials have polluted Japanese waters. Since nuclear radiation substances would travel by air or by water, the crisis in Japan […]

Nuclear Radiation Can Reach New York, USA

The US Government has admitted that the nuclear radiation crisis in Japan is threatening the whole world. Nuclear radioactive materials can travel and hit New York City and New York State, USA. It is necessary that the U.S. must intervene and save the world from abrupt end. Some people believe the world is about to […]

Japan Nuclear Radiation – World Sign Will End 2012?

Is the uncontrollable nuclear radiation leak crisis in Japan a sign that the world will end in 2012? We don’t have a specific answer. The Bible says no one really knows when the world will end except the Father God and the Lord God Jesus Christ. But if you look at the situation in Japan, […]