Turkey Can Be Affected by Japan Nuclear Radiation

The possibility that Turkey might be hit by Japan nuclear radiation is very high after Chinese radiation monitoring team has detected the presence of radioactive materials in the air which obviously come from Japan. With the nuclear radiation leak in Japan getting more serious and thousands of people living near the Fukushima nuclear power plant […]

Japan Nuclear Radiation Exposure Can Hit Airplane?

Nuclear Radiation Leak in Japan caused by meltdown of its nuclear power plant reactors can send billions of radioactive atomic materials into the clouds making travel by airplane extremely dangerous. Although there has been no advice from airline companies whether the nuclear radiation from Japan can hit airplane, the real and present danger of uncontrolled […]

Nuclear Radiation from Japan May Hit China

The nuclear crisis in Japan is getting worse. Six nuclear reactors cannot be controlled. After the earthquake last Friday, the nuclear power plants in Japan leaked radioactive (atomic) materials to the air and can travel through clouds to any country, including China, which is near Japan. The possibility of China being hit by Nuclear Radiation […]

Japan Nuclear Radiation May Hit U.S. of America?

The latest report from Japan is that a hydrogen explosion at one of Japan’s Nuclear Power Plant has leaked nuclear radiation. There have been fears whether the nuclear radiation from Japan can reach America. But the possibility is not yet established, although countries like the Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Singapore, Indonesia, […]