Annulment of Marriage in Philippines

Manuel came to Manila and married Marianne. Unknown to Marianne, Manuel had been previously convicted in Palawan of theft and served time for it. After Marianne learned of his previous conviction, she stopped living with him. Can Marianne seek the annulment of the marriage based on Manuel’s non-disclosure of his previous crime? A. No, since [...]

Basis for rendering a disinheritance defective or imperfect

Which of the following is not a basis for rendering a disinheritance defective or imperfect? A. Its cause comes from the guilt of a spouse in a legal separation case, the innocent-spouse having died. B. The truth of its cause is denied and not sufficiently proved by evidence. C. Its cause is not authorized by [...]

Hereditary Right on Real Property – Civil Law Review

Raul, Ester, and Rufus inherited a 10-hectare land from their father. Before the land could be partitioned, however, Raul sold his hereditary right to Raffy, a stranger to the family, for P5 million. Do Ester and Rufus have a remedy for keeping the land within their family? A. Yes, they may be subrogated to Raffy’s [...]

Simple Deed of Donation – Civil Law Bar Review

Lucio executed a simple deed of donation of P50 million on time deposit with a bank in favor of A, B, C, D, and E, without indicating the share of each donee. All the donees accepted the donation in writing. A, one of the donees, died. Will B, C, D, and E get A’s share [...]

Legal Effect of Marrying a Gay Man

Rene and Lily got married after a brief courtship. After one month, Lily discovered that while Rene presented himself as a macho man he was actually gay. He would not go to bed with her. He kept obscene magazines of nude men and always sought the company of handsome boys. What legal remedy does Lily [...]

Donation of Property Before Marriage – Bar Exam Review

X and Y were to marry in 3 months. Meantime, to express his affection, X donated a house and lot to Y, which donation X wrote in a letter to Y. Y wrote back, accepting the donation and took possession of the property. Before the wedding, however, Y suddenly died of heart attack. Can Y’s [...]

Requirement for quieting of title involving real property

Which of the followi ng is an indispensable requirement in an action for “quieting of title” involving real property? The plaintiff must A. be in actual possession of the property. B. be the registered owner of the property. C. have legal or equitable title to the property. D. be the beneficial owner of the property. [...]

Breach of Contract – Civil Law Review

Lennie bought a business class ticket from Alta Airlines. As she checked in, the manager downgraded her to economy on the ground that a Congressman had to be accommodated in the business class. Lennie suffered the discomfort and embarrassment of the downgrade. She sued the airlines for quasi-delict but Alta Airlines countered that, since her [...]

Supreme Court Bar Results 2013 Philippines

Philippine Supreme Court Bar Results list for 2013 Bar Exam. The exam was taken in 2012 in UST Manila. Here’s the final copy of successful bar passers of the Philippines. 751. ROMEA, George Michael 752. ROMERO, Allan 753. ROMUALDO, Xavier Jesus 754. RONDAL, Jaye Loren 755. ROSALES, Vicente Rafael 756. ROXAS, Juan Paolo 757. RUBINO, [...]

Psychological and Psychiatric Test for Supreme Court Justices

By Perfecto Raymundo The Supreme Court Tuesday allowed the Judicial and Bar Council to release the copy of the result of the psychological and psychiatric test of all former nominees for the post of Chief Justice. The JBC is under the direct supervision of the SC. This was the result of the deliberation of the [...]

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