Copy of Philippine Bar Examination Result 2012

The 2012 Philippine Bar Examination Result has been released by the Supreme Court. Please check the result of bar passers 2012 in our website here. The names below are those who took the bar exam last year. Verify whether they passed the exam last year. To congratulate the bar passers, just click the like button […]

Bar Examination Result 2012 Philippines Complete List

See the complete result of the 2012 Bar Examination of the Philippines from our master check list. The names below were those who took the bar exam in 2011 of November in UST Manila. Please verify from our list of 2012 bar passers whether they passed the bar exam. You can also congratulate the bar […]

Results 2012 Bar Exam Passers of Philippines Nov 2011 Exams

Results of the 2012 Philippine Bar Exam have been released. Please check your name or your friends’ name whether you passed the bar exam held in UST Manila in Nov 2011. The names listed below are those who took the bar exam. We are still confirming and verifying our record whether they passed the bar […]

See 2012 Bar Exam Result Philippines Passers

The Supreme Court of the Philippines has released the 2012 bar exam results. Congratulations to those who passed the 2012 Philippine bar examinations. Below are examinees who took the exam last Nov 2011. We still have to verify the bar passers record whether they passed the exam. Also, please check in this site our list […]

2012 Philippine Bar Exam Results Official Result

Here’s the official complete result of the 2012 Philippine Bar Exam. The successful examinees took the one-month exam at University of Sto Tomas in Manila in November 2011. The bar exam result 2012 was announced by the Philippines Supreme Court on Feb 29, 2012. To congratulate the new bar passers of the Philippines, simply click […]

2012 Philippines Bar Exam Results List Page 3

See the 2012 new attorneys at law of the Philippines as they are ones of the 2012 Philippines Bar Exam Passers. The result was announced today February 2012 by the Philippine Supreme Court. To congratulate the new lawyers and share the good news, please click the like button of Facebook. 361 . CAHILIG, Garry O […]

2012 List Bar Exam Results of Philippines Revealed

Here’s the official list of the 2012 Philippine Bar Exam passers. They took the exam in November 2011 in UST Manila. More lists of bar passers of the Philippines are posted in this site. To congratulate the new lawyers, please click the Like button of Facebook. [plulz_social_like width=”350″ send=”false” font=”arial” action=”like” layout=”standard” faces=”false” ] 241 […]

Who Pass 2012 Phils Bar Exam in 2011

Everybody is waiting for the 2012 Philippine Bar Exam Result. The waiting is over. In few minutes, the Supreme Court will release the complete list of the 2012 Successful Bar Passers. The names below are some of those who took the bar exam in UST Manila in 2011. If you want to get the first […]

2011 Philippines Bar Exam Result Out in 2012

Successful Bar Exam passers of the Philippines in 2012 is known today through the announcement of the Supreme Court. The students below took the bar exam last year. We will know later whether they pass the bar exam. Like and recommend us on Facebook to get the latest update and be the first to know. […]

Abuse of Rights Recognized by Law – Bar Exam Review

When one exercises a right recognized by law, knowing that he thereby causes an injustice to another, the latter is entitled to recover damages. This is known as the principle of A. res ipsa loquitur. B. damnum absque injuria. C. vicarious liability. D. abuse of rights. Answer to Philippine Bar Exam. Bar Exam Reviewer on […]