Abuse of Rights Recognized by Law – Bar Exam Review

When one exercises a right recognized by law, knowing that he thereby causes an injustice to another, the latter is entitled to recover damages. This is known as the principle of A. res ipsa loquitur. B. damnum absque injuria. C. vicarious liability. D. abuse of rights. Answer to Philippine Bar Exam. Bar Exam Reviewer on […]

Simple Deed of Donation – Civil Law Bar Review

Lucio executed a simple deed of donation of P50 million on time deposit with a bank in favor of A, B, C, D, and E, without indicating the share of each donee. All the donees accepted the donation in writing. A, one of the donees, died. Will B, C, D, and E get A’s share […]

Results Bar Exam of Philippines 2013 Latest Result

Supreme Court Results of the Philippine Bar Exam released on March 20, 2013. Get the list of bar passers of the Philippines 2012 only here in Newsbalita.com. 901. VELASCO, Lady Ivy Vanity 902. VELOSO, III, Marcelino 903. VENTURA, Mary Grace 904. VENTURA, Ruby Ann 905. VENZUELA, Kristine Ann 906. VERCIDE-LUNA, Jocelyn 907. VERTULFO-ARBOLE, Jovilly Donna […]

Philippines Bar Exam Results 2013

Philippines Bar Exam Results 2013 is out today March 20, 2013. Taken at UST in 2012, the list of successful bar exam passers is known today. Here’s your copy. See more in our website. 851. TAMONDONG, JR., Eddie 852. TAN, Cheryl Bevin 853. TAN, Maria Theresa 854. TAN, Talitha Renee 855. TANCINCO, Rafael Lorenzo 856. […]

Latest Bar Exam Results of Philippines

Here’s the latest results of the 2013 Bar Exam of the Philippines as released by the Supreme Court today, March 20, 2013. See the full list of bar exam passers here in our website. 801. SARABOSQUEZ, Justine Keith 802. SARANGAYA, JR., Ismael 803. SARI, Jayson 804. SARONA, JR., Isidro 805. SAYSON, Charlotte Lyza 806. SAZON, […]

Supreme Court Bar Results 2013 Philippines

Philippine Supreme Court Bar Results list for 2013 Bar Exam. The exam was taken in 2012 in UST Manila. Here’s the final copy of successful bar passers of the Philippines. 751. ROMEA, George Michael 752. ROMERO, Allan 753. ROMUALDO, Xavier Jesus 754. RONDAL, Jaye Loren 755. ROSALES, Vicente Rafael 756. ROXAS, Juan Paolo 757. RUBINO, […]

2013 Phil Bar Exam Results Final List

Here’s the result of the 2013 Philippine Bar Examination taken in 2012 at UST Manila. Today March 20, 2013 Supreme Court released the successful bar passers of the Philippines. 601. MORA, Crisanto 602. MORALES, Armand 603. MORALES, Generick Humprey 604. MORGA, Ryan Calvin 605. MORILLO, Leo Adrian 606. MOTOOMULL-IDULSA, Marian Kanna 607. MUCOY-GRANADOS, Meralie 608. […]

Supreme Court 2012 Bar Exam Results of the Philippines

The Supreme Court of the Philippines has released the complete list of 2012 bar exam passers. The 2012 Bar Exam Results of the Philippines showed a high passing rate of 30 percent under the MCQ type of question. According to Chief Justice Renato Corona, there will be modifications of the 2013 bar exam to be […]