Scam in Bohol Bank

An attempt to silence circulated reports of a multi-million bank fraud happening here in the city instead took a backlash this week.

Depositors, hearing the report for the first time discussed over local radio DyRD demanded that such things should be made public to protect a Boholano community known to be thrift conscious, and are entrusting hard earned money to banks.

In an emergency closed-door meeting with Bohol Tri-Media Association president Peter Dejaresco held Tuesday at the JJ’s Seafoods this city, the Bohol Bankers Association requested that reports of the alleged multi-million bank fraud should be treated with caution.

Deo Uy, Metro Bank manager and the association’s vice president for external affairs said in a radio interview that the meeting was spurred by ongoing rumors of such a scam hitting a bank here.

BBA President Marietta Gazatan (PS Bank manager) said there is no need to panic based on such reports since it only involved one bank and is an isolated case.

The association wanted the report frozen until facts are made available identifying which bank, what kind of ‘scam’ was utilized and who were behind these.

“Sensationalizing the issue may damage the banking industry here and would just create unwanted panic among depositors,” Uy said as he defended the association’s official position on the issue.

Radio callers demanded that if the association cannot name the bank, each of the bank members should issue a statement stating that their particular bank is not the one involved in the reported scam.

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