Saving Money on Gas – Avoid High-octane Gas

For most cars these days, buying higher-octane gas is a waste of your
money.  Regular unleaded has approximately 87 octane already and is fine
for your vehicle.  Saving money on gas requires a little bit of research.

By avoiding buying high-octane gas you’ll be saving a large amount of
money over a period of time.

High octane gas is always more expensive at the gas pumps so the next time
that you feel guilty for filling up your SUV with regular gas you can be
assured that no harm will come to your vehicle.

Octane is simply a measurement of how difficult it is to ignite the gas in
your car and has nothing to do with the quality of the gas.  If you are
experiencing engine pings, rattles, or knocks you can switch to high octane

However, you shouldn’t be experiencing any of those knocks and rattles if
you are keeping your vehicle maintained and making sure that you don’t
miss those scheduled maintenance checkups. Saving money on gas can also be technical.

If you are driving a new model car you definitely shouldn’t be hearing any
pings or rattles and if you are you should take your vehicle to a mechanic.

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