San Roque Dam of Pangasinan Overflowing

The water level of the San Roque Multi-purpose Dam Project (SRMDP) in San Manuel town is now nearing critical level but Pangasineses need not be alarmed.

With a bigger inflow of water than outflow, the water level of San Roque reached 275.96 meters above sea level (masl) at 11 a.m. Wednesday, just 4.4 meters from the critical level of 280 masl.

Clarifying that no gates of San Roque is open yet, Tom Valdez, vice president of the San Roque Power Corporation (SRPC), said that the current inflow of water into San Roque is 1,446 cubic meters per second.

Its outflow, which is the amount of water that it throws downstream in the course of power generation, is 262 cubic meters per second. At present, San Roque is using all it available water for power generation. To date, the dam’s turbines are generating 407 megawatts for the Luzon Grid.

Governor Amado Espino Jr. said Wednesday that he was assured by Valdez that they can contain the present volume of water of San Roque Dam through power generation.

Valdez said that in the last typhoon Mina, the highest volume of water of the dam was more than 278 masl, yet they did not open any of their spillway gates.

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