Russia’s Accusations of Plotting Terrorist Attacks

Kiev to appeal to UNSC over Russia’s accusations of plotting terrorist attacks

UNITED NATIONS – Kiev plans to appeal to the United Nations Security Council and Secretary General Ban Ki-moon over Russia’s accusations of plotting terrorist attacks in Crimea, Ukraine’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Vladimir Yelchenko said on Wednesday.

He said the Ukrainian delegation as circulated in the United Nations statements of Ukrainian President Pyotr Poroshenko and the country’s foreign ministry repudiating Russia’s accusations. “As soon as I have such a possibility, I will speak with the Security Council chair and the secretary general to keep them informed about the situation,” he said.

When asked whether Kiev plans to call a United Nations Security Council meeting, Yelchenko said that such a possibility id being looked at and a decision will depend on the development of the situation. He said that he will have a possibility to draw attention to the situation around Crimea at tomorrow’s closed-door meeting of the Security Council on the situation in South Sudan. “But we are ready to do it earlier, even at night,” he added.

Earlier on Wednesday, Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) said it has detained a group of Ukrainian saboteurs and prevented a series of terrorist attacks in Crimea plotted by the Ukrainian defense ministry’s intelligence department and detained. According to the FSB website, vitally important infrastructure facilities were selected at targets of the attacks.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has described as silly and criminal the Ukrainian special services’ attempt at an act of sabotage in Crimea. In his words, the real purpose was to distract attention from Ukraine’s internal problems. He also said it looks pointless to hold a the Normandy format in such conditions. “Of course, in these circumstances holding a meeting in the Normandy format, the more so in China, is pointless. Apparently, those who once seized power in Kiev and are still retaining it have shifted to terrorist practices instead of searching for compromises,… instead of searching for ways of a peaceful settlement,” Putin said.

In the meantime, Ukrainian President Pyotr Poroshenko said Moscow’s accusations are “senseless and cynical” and once again accused Russia of military presence in Donbass. The Ukrainian foreign ministry said the incident was “a provocation organized by the Kremlin.” (PNA/TASS)

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