Russian Riot on Mock Crucifixion

A supporter of feminist punk group Pussy Riot has protested against their detention by staging a mock “crucifixion” in St. Petersburg before being charged by police with despoiling the city landscape, St. Petersburg media said.

The woman, dressed in a short dress and leggings, and wearing a balaclava, spent approximately 40 minutes tied to a cross bearing the inscription, “This could be your democracy,” said.

Despite the event being staged outside the Church of the Savior on Blood in St. Petersburg’s center, it attracted few spectators, said.

Police eventually brought the protester off to a precinct to charge her with illegally installing a city fixture, an administrative offense, the report said, adding that she was soon released.

Five balaclava wearing members of Pussy Riot, were detained by Moscow police after staging a “punk prayer” at Moscow’s Christ the Savior Cathedral in February. Three participants have been detained and face up to seven years in prison for hooliganism, with the trial set to start on July 20.

Critics insist the case is politically motivated, and the Pussy Riot defense pledged on Thursday to appeal to the United Nations.

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