Russia offers help to Syria

Russia sees Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s recently proposed plan as viable ground for settling his country’s crisis, a Kremlin spokesman said Friday. “Lots of countries give different kinds of support to the opposition, which definitely do not support a viable or sustainable solution to the Syrian crisis,” Dmitry Peskov told U.S. magazine The National Interest. Moscow supports the idea that the future of Syria is subject to decisions taken by all sides of the Syrian conflict, “including those who are being named as opposition,” Peskov said. “We sincerely believe the plan suggested by President Assad is a kind of continuation of the Geneva talks and could constitute a very good basis for further attempts to settle the problem,” said the spokesman. The Syrian president proposed in early January a three-point vision for a political solution to the Syria crisis: a cease-fire, followed by a comprehensive national dialogue and the establishment of a broad-based government and parliament. The proposal was rejected by the opposition, who said he had sidestepped a point the opposition deemed crucial: to relinquish power.

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